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Program overview

Program duration: 1 hour per module
Number of credits: 1 credit per module 1–3
Number of modules: 4
Pass mark: 100%
Program release date: May 2017
Please note: The Cipriani et al. meta-analysis module is not CME accredited

Target audience

This program is designed to meet the Continuing Medical Education needs of primary care physician.

Commercial support

Editorial and project management assistance with this e-learning material was provided by InterComm International, Cambridge, UK, and this service was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Servier.

Conflict of interest

Since 2014, Professor Hans-Jürgen Möller has received honoraria for lectures or expert meetings from the following pharmaceutical companies: Lilly, Lundbeck, Schwabe and Servier.

Professor Hans-Jürgen Möller has also been president or part of the Executive Board for the following organisations: The International College of Neuropsychopharmacology, the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, and the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry, and chairman of the WPA-section on Pharmacopsychiatry.

Accessing the program

Accessing the program

To participate in this activity please follow these steps in sequential order:

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Please note that each module stands alone and therefore, if need be, you can complete the whole program in several sittings should you wish.

Completing the program

To participate in this activity and receive your certificate, please follow these steps in sequential order;

Step 1: Register for modules
Step 2: Access 'My Learning'
Step 3: Complete all sub-modules in one module
Step 4: Achieve 100% in all post-learning tests
Step 5: Access and print your certificate

Technical assistance

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